Sunday, April 4, 2010

Doing England down, BBC style

Finally caught up with the new Dr Who, still not sure of what to make of him yet, bit manic, but he may settle in ok. However in classic BBC never allow England a fair hearing style there was one moment that made me sigh. The Dr had just met his new companion a young Scottish lady (12) and had identified her country of origin. Asking her why her parents hadn't heard the noise of his entry she said she was an orphan and had moved down from Scotland to be with her Aunt. Asked what's it like down here, she said (I'm paraphrasing) England? it's rubbish. (though I wonder what Scots made of the Dr's comment "you're Scottish, fry me something")
Yes I know it's acting, yes I know that some Scots have issues, but the BBC do have form for this especially in Dr Who and Torchwood where the pro British anti English sentiments of the production team often come to the fore.
In the last series in a parallel universe there was also a foreigner being taken away to an internment camp who said "you know how it is, England for the English" despite the fact that the BBC are consistent in their use of “Britain” and “British”, save only where a negative connotation is required and then it's always England, nowhere else, just England.

No doubt we'll be told it was a joke, no doubt we'll be told it's just acting, no doubt it will be inferred that we have no sense of humour. Yet oddly enough I can imagine the howls of rage if Scotland or Wales were constantly used in this manner.

It's just not funny any more, then again it never really was.

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Pavlov's Cat said...

I feel the same way

I also dislike the constant denigration of men by TV advertisers, always portrayed as oafish or ignorant, stupid or weak.

Yet any complaint is greeted with 'it's only a laugh' or 'it's only a commercial'

How about the other way round then? Not a chance

Anonymous said...

I just wish they would stop using the word British altogether.... because there wouldn't be one any more.

Oh and you guys can talk as much as you like about fried Mars Bars, drunks, betting shops, chips and bagpipes.

There are only a few wee sensitive souls up here who get bent out of shape about that. Most of us are too busy getting rat arsed and getting another curried haggis down our necks to give a damn.

I haven't seen it yet... but I bet he's not half as good as David Tennent, who is the spitting image of my dentist.

Och that's not fair, I'm just used to him. I'm sure the new boy will be just grand. When are the Daleks coming back?

Quiet_Man said...

Daleks will be back for one episode as well as the finale.

He's actually ok, not as bad as I feared and a lot better than I expected.

Hagar said...

The writing was better I think, than previous series..but the writer is now Scottish & the production takes place in Wales. I tried to ignore the anti English slant & just enjoy it but it made me bristle.
There was one point where the doctor remarked on her alienation " the only Scottish girl in the English village and you kept your accent". But then she was accepted by all the locals who all seemed to know her name & her story and look upon her with affection, so what was her beef?
Maybe it's just banter, but it's not funny anymore just f**king annoying and unwarranted.

I Albion said...

I think he will make a good Doctor,did anyone notice the English St Georges Flag flying in the shots of the village pond?it must have been there for a reason ,if the scenes were shot in Wales,i can't think why.