Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well we have the first of the 3 leader debates tonight, lots of ground rules in place mostly along the lines of the audience will not be allowed to applaud during the programme, only at the beginning and end. Close-ups of audience members will only be allowed if one of the leaders is addressing an individual audience member directly. Cutaways are banned while the leaders are speaking. Group shots and wide shots of the audience are also banned and broadcasters will not be allowed to run breaking news lines from the debate on their news channels.In other words it has the potential to be deadly dull and put even more people off politics. ICM have chosen the audience of 200 from a cross selection of known voting intentions (80%) and the rest from undecided and minor parties, which sort of goes against the most people being undecided at the moment that the polls are saying.
Will I be watching? No, I'm at work tonight, though I doubt I'd be watching if I weren't. I trust the 3 main parties about as far as I could throw my car, the Labour party more or less admitted in court that any promises they make in their manifesto aren't necessarily going to happen, no doubt the Tories have taken notice of that little foolishness with pleasure. I doubt anyone will take any notice of what the Lib Dems say as they won't become the government anyway and their more idiotic suggestions will be tempered by the dominant party should there be a hung parliament and they are asked to help form a government. Frankly I'd trust the SNP far more than the Lib Dems in a hung parliament they at least have coherent policies that actually have to work for their people rather than making it up as they go along as Clegg and Cable do.

Still it will be interesting to see what the reports of the debate say, I might be wrong, it may be a sensation, I have my doubts though.

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opsimath said...

I don't want to sound like a fanboi, but I quite agree with you - perhaps The Big Yin was right when he said 'Don't vote - it only encourages them!'

Anyway, I have some drying paint to watch - 'bye!