Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No, no sympathy, no!

This is just wrong.

A rapist who dumped his victim on a rubbish tip has escaped deportation after winning a High Court battle to stay in Britain to get married.
Alphonse Semo, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, threw his victim on the tip when he “had finished with her”.
Last night he won the right to stay in Britain to marry his long-term partner, just two hours before he was due to board a plane back to Africa.
Mr Justice Collins said it was difficult to have any sympathy for Semo, who was jailed for eight years, but he must be allowed to stay.
Difficult to have any sympathy? Try impossible, he should have been kicked out.

The judge said the Home Office had agreed to let Semo, 53, from Deptford in south-east London, get married to a German national. Then the wedding was cancelled by a subsequent decision “by the same Home Office — no doubt by a different department”, he said.
The judge added that he was very reluctant to intervene but said the Home Office could not be allowed to play “hot and cold” with Semo.
“With considerable reluctance, I have to say he must be allowed to marry”, the judge said. “That means there will be a prohibition against removing him.”
Reluctant to intervene? How about kicking him out? If he's getting married to a German national how about making sure he goes there? Though I suspect the Germans don't want him either.

Mr Justice Collins said the Home Secretary Alan Johnson would have to reconsider later, after Semo has married, whether to make another attempt to deport him.
If Mr Johnson makes a fresh deportation bid, it will involve EU law as Semo’s bride, Busana Kalonji, is a refugee from the Congo who has become a German national.
Ms Kalonji is in the UK, exercising her right to work here under EU law.
After marrying, the couple are expected to claim that Semo is legally entitled to free movement within the EU, including the UK.
Semo was sentenced to eight years in prison in December 2002 for raping and assaulting a woman, aged 38, in Catford, south-east London.
Isn't EU law wonderful.

Can we just leave? Now?

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scunnert said...

I am gobsmacked. What a stupid bloody country the UK has become. How about they deport the crazy judge along with the scum bag?

subrosa said...

I just read about this in the Sun a wee while ago QM. Not my normal time of day for scanning papers but the cold wind and dreich weather has ensured I stay indoors.

You know QM we read about cases like this nearly every day, along with cases about children being treated like animals even though we spend billions on protection services.

Hopefully we won't become immune to what's happening. I think the MSM are - they don't convey shock to me these days.

Senior said...

If leaving the EU is the only way to ensure that rapists like Semo are deported after they have served their sentences, then it is essential that we leave the EU.

Anonymous said...

Just when you think you've had enough, along comes another EU punch.

Labour has defied the EU on so many issues. Why not this one?

James Higham said...

If only we could get out, QM. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Death's too good for some.