Thursday, March 25, 2010

Man Flu

I have man flu, so will be taking a small hiatus from blogging until at least tomorrow when hopefully I'll feel less bunged up, less sore in the throat and hopefully a bit warmer.

I'll probably drink to excess tonight as well.

Because I can.

3 annotations:

scunnert said...

Take every precaution QM - man flu is nothing to sneeze at. Have the wee wife bring you hot toddies and cold beer (plenty of cold beer will help keep the fever down) - this is a sure cure. Make sure your television is tuned to your favourite channel to avoid becoming maudlin and losing hope. Also have her send out for a vindaloo - this will sweat it out of you.

Good luck and take care.

James Higham said...

Have a Man rest.

John M Ward said...

I recommend cider rather than beer, if only because it's about to zoom up in price so now is the right time to drink the stuff.