Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Social engineering at it worst?

Well it seems that the leftists are right,  all that hard work over the years brainwashing people has finally paid off as white people are institutionally racist........................................ against white people and no-one else.


White jury bias against white defendants?
White jurors in diverse communities are more likely to convict white defendants who attack ethnic minority victims than other white victims because they are "more conscious of race", Professor Cheryl Thomas' report found. 
The study, Are Juries Fair, found overall that juries were indeed fair and free from racial prejudice and concluded that cases involving black and other ethnic minority defendants do not face "persistent disproportionality" in court.
Mock trials were staged in which real juries deliberated on the same cases but with defendants and victims of different races. 

Juries which were entirely white did not discriminate against defendants from ethnic minority groups.
However, cases held in Nottingham, an area chosen because it was racially mixed, revealed an apparent bias against white defendants by white juries.
In those cases white defendants were significantly more likely to be convicted of assault if the victim was from an ethnic minority group than if they were white.
It said: "This suggests that white jurors living in diverse communities may be more conscious of race and more censorious towards white defendants in cases involving interracial conflict compared to white jurors living in predominantly white communities."
  It seems strange that for all the kerfuffle by politicians and diversity groups, that the one sub group that is consistantly accused of racism, isn't, at least not in the way that the left would like to believe. Seems that my group, (The English) are more than fair in dealing with race related problems, more so than any other group in the UK.
However I doubt that this will make any difference to the Jo Brands of this world, or even the Jack Straws who continually pillory white people and/or the English because we're violent racist nonentities, still it's nice to be proven right for once when it comes to the perception of English fair play, turns out it's right and we are fair to all.

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I Albion said...

And a lot of good it is doing us!

subrosa said...

This isn't surprising really QM. We know the penalties for uttering words or thinking thoughts about other nationalities.

JPT said...

I think we're becoming mixed up all to buggery.

James Higham said...

Yes - they don't want to know about us.

13th spitfire said...

Fear not we will have corpus juris soon anyway, and there wont be any juries.