Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pop goes the weasel

The Guardian is in full gloat today over the latest opinion polls showing the Tory lead narrowing over Labour.

Guardian/ICM poll graphic, 22 February 2010. 

Guardian/ICM poll graphic, 22 February 2010, showing the Tory lead falling to just seven points. Photograph: Paddy Allen/guardian.co.uk
Support for David Cameron's Conservative party has crumbled to its lowest point for nearly two years, according to the latest monthly Guardian/ICM poll, leaving Britain on course for a hung parliament at the coming general election.
What interested me though is where the Tory votes are going and it appears to be going to the independents and (most likely) UKIP, because for all the idiocy of socialists and their far right tags on the BNP, most Tories see them as racist Labour and their policies certainly reflect that.
The Tories really need a serious look at where they are going, the rot set in when Cameron's hand was forced over Lisbon and his EUphile credentials were exposed to the light of public opinion. The wait and see, he's only biding his time proponents are suddenly looking to be very out of place as everything Cameron proposes seems to aggravate the voting public even more. The latest gaff being his selling the English down the river over their democratic deficit and having the gall to do it from Scotland.

The mainstream parties seem to have become so wrapped up in special interest groups looking for votes, blacks, gays, Muslims, Scots, Welsh (sorry guys, but you are at only 5 million and 2 million respectively) and forgetting that it's the English heartlands where the bulk of the votes lie and they have been progressively more isolated, ignored, had their livelihoods trampled over, had immigration foisted on them and whenever they've complained had "racist" "homophobe" "Islamophobe" hurled in their faces to silence them. They've been lied to, watched politicians steal and cheat and try to claim it was in the rules. Their natural EUsceptisism has been ignored and promised referenda denied them. When protesting they've been arrested (despite their civil rights) had their computers taken and their leadership denied the right to meet in groups of more than 3.

The mainstream parties seem to be struggling as to where the votes are going, I would have thought it was obvious, they're ignoring the core vote and what we want. If you ignore the wishes of the majority, the votes of a few minority special interest groups wont save you.
This is why the Tories are losing ground and Labour struggling to gain it. You're ignoring us, so we're ignoring you.

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English Pensioner said...

I'm still waiting for someone to set up a real pensioners' party; the present so-called pensioners organisations all seem to be trade union inspired and left wing, not, I think representative of pensioners. As you say, the parties are so wrapped up with special interest groups that it neglects what is the biggest group, and one that in other countries often wields considerable influence.