Friday, February 26, 2010

Poll axed

So what do the Tories stand for? or rather what does Ding Cameron stand for?
People (at least 36% of voters would like to know)

David Cameron today suffered a blow when a poll revealed that fewer than one third of voters "know and like" what the Conservative party stands for.
The ComRes poll, commissioned by the BBC's Daily Politics show, also showed that 36% of voters did not know what the party represented.
The figures were published at the end of a week that has seen a series of polls showing the Tory lead over Labour narrowing.
A poll in the Daily Telegraph today revealed that the Conservatives were now ahead by only five points.
Some Tories believe the party is in trouble because it does not have a distinctive message, and the ComRes figures appeared to confirm this as a problem for Cameron.
Only 28% of respondents to the ComRes poll said they knew what the Conservatives stood for and liked it.
Some 36% said they knew what the party stood for and did not like it, and the same proportion said they did not know what the party stood for.
The Ipsos Mori poll for the Telegraph, published on the eve of the Tories' spring conference in Brighton, is likely to dampen spirits at what is intended to be a launchpad for the election campaign.
The Conservative lead has been dramatically cut back from the 19% recorded at the time of last year's spring gathering.
The poll shows the Tories on 37%, Labour on 32% and the Liberal Democrats on 19% among those certain to vote.
The Tory slide continues a trend that has seen Cameron's advantage dip consistently into single figures since the new year.
Well the Tories and Ding have a number of faults...

  1. Being "The heir to Blair" is no longer a recommendation, if anything it's now a millstone.
  2. Reneging or appearing to renege on a promise particularly over the EU is not going to make you popular in England (in particular) so saying no referendum over Lisbon was a big mistake.
  3. Telling a group of Scots about "Sour little Englanders" is not going to go down too well with the English voters who are the majority of voters for your party.
  4. Telling a group of Scots that it's ok for them to vote on England only issues when the reverse isn't true as there is a Scottish parliament and many areas are devolved to it and no longer under UK control. Trust me this isn't going to go down well either, particularly as you promised to do something about it.
  5. Ken Clark, the man might be a good politician and a brilliant ex chancellor, however sending him to Brussels to secretly negotiate with the EU is like a red rag to a bull to many of the EU sceptics who might have been inclined to vote for your party. He simply can't be trusted on EU matters.
  6. Control freakery, your top down management of the Tory party complete with all women short lists and favoured candidates parachuted into constituencies doesn't look any different to Labour control freakery.
  7. Tying yourself to the Green religion when their global warming climate change dogma is falling apart at the seams isn't the wisest of choices, if it ever was.
  8. Pleasing or trying to please minority interest groups at the expense of the majority is never going to get you elected or make you popular, particularly if it isn't fair or evenly handed, it looks like favouritism.
That's just the ones off the top of my head, can't really think of any policies of yours I like, certainly not the buying tainted bank shares.
Problem with Ding and his Tories is they make UKIP look good, good enough to vote for anyway.

    4 annotations:

    English Pensioner said...

    I'd add another reason;
    Having George Osborn as Shadow Chancellor when there are a number of far more financially astute MPs (such as John Redwood).

    I'll be voting UKIP!

    John R said...

    I quite agree.

    After a lifetime of voting Conservative at national and local elections I am pretty much at the point of either abstaining or spoiling my ballot. In almost any policy area you can think of CallMeDave's Conservatives are just not conservative....unlike many of the people I meet. Out of touch doesnt even begin to describe it.

    What I have seen and heard so far is dismal. Either he comes up with some major show stopping policy announcements when the real campaign gets underway (like reinstate the referendum on Europe?) or he'll fail to gain a mjority and maybe not even get to run the country.

    He's utterly useless.

    James Higham said...

    Great. We've been saying it and saying it and saying it. I've nearly lost all my hair too [although I can't strictly blame all that on Dave - Gordo is also responsible - or irresponsible].

    Anyway, the bottom line is that the message might just be getting through to the hijackers of the Tory Party.

    Furor Teutonicus said...

    XX Only 28% of respondents to the ComRes poll said they knew what the Conservatives stood for and liked it.XX

    What a bloody STUPID question!

    If you don't know what the bastards stand for, how can you make a decission as to whether you like it or not?