Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Here we go again

Seems the corrupt and venal EU Parliament has decided it's time for a new EU commission and commissioners.

The European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly in favour of the new 27-strong team of European commissioners.
Each commissioner had previously faced a hearing in the European Parliament.
The Commission is the EU's executive arm, responsible for drafting EU laws and ensuring that the 27 member states comply with the EU treaties.
Bulgaria's first nominee, Rumiana Jeleva, failed to convince MEPs about her suitability for the job, so she was replaced by Kristalina Georgieva.
MEPs cast 488 votes in favour of the Commission, 137 against and there were 72 abstentions.
You'd have thought they'd have learned the lessons when bad accounting, along with bad management, nepotism and the fraud that resulted from it, brought down the entire European Union Commission, then headed by Jacques Santer. Or how about the Eurostat fraud committed under the all seeing gaze of Neil Kinnock? Who then went on to sack the investigator Marta Andreasen.

15 years of not having signed off the accounts, the CAP, the destruction of our fishing industry, the demented green energy regulations complete with poisonous light bulbs (complete with a carbon burning trip to Strasbourg from Brussels every month), expenses corruption that dwarfs our own parliament, undemocratic, referendum ignoring, corrupt to the core the bloated bureaucracy that is the EU.


We are slowly but surely losing our country.

Can we leave? Now!

2 annotations:

James Higham said...

Interesting - we both ran the same chart.

Anonymous said...

That chart neatly summarises why contemporary Westminster politicians obsessively focus on a few topics only (e.g. health, education, taxation) and blank others out as if they had never fallen within their purview (e.g. trade, agriculture).

The range of responsibilities of our domestic pols is a tiny fraction of what it was even twenty years ago, but you'd never know that from the suspiciously over-busy impression they all seek to maintain.

Hey Westminster, guess what? WE CAN SEE WHAT YOU'VE DONE.

N.B. Perhaps worst of all is the unedifying charade that the latest EU-imposed measure in policy area x is actually nothing of the sort (no, no), but is in fact our pols' very own domestically-originated brainchild. Insult to injury, or what.