Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well I was working nightshift last night (tonight as well) and wow I discovered a new level of meaning of the word cold. I'm usually wrapped up quite warm anyway though the warehouse is exposed to the elements a little mostly due to the fact that it's difficult to load lorries with the doors closed. Now it was only minus 2 last night according to the thermometer, but that didn't take into consideration the wind chill from a brisk breeze howling in up the Thames and straight through the doors. I'm not sure what temperature it felt like, but I know I haven't felt that cold before.
One of my hobbies is hill walking, so I know all about layering and keeping warm and I have the right gear to do it, but I'm not allowed to wear it at work, however, works corporate wear, even with the overfleece is not what I'd call quality issue, coupled with the fact that most of the equipment I work on (cranes and conveyors) is steel and gloves are not really suitable then it becomes a race to do the job quickly before your hands stiffen up and gripping tools becomes problematical (sitting on a steel girder is not a lot of fun either, I think I've avoided haemorrhoids though) I think the forklift drivers thought I was a bit mad as I would wander over and stand behind the machines to get a warm blast from their radiator fans (every little helps)
Tonight I'm thinking of hiding in the office with the heaters on, though I know I probably wont, the work ethic is deeply ingrained with me though I am tempted to take some proper thermal gear in with me, at least that way I'll be able to concentrate on what I'm doing rather than how I'm feeling.
Hypothermia is no joke, though it isn't really mentioned that much as a cause of death.

Table 1: Number of deaths of persons aged over 65 years who died at home, where (a) hypothermia was the secondary cause of death, and (b) where hypothermia was mentioned anywhere on the death certificate( 1, 2) , England and Wales, 1999 to 2008( 3)
Deaths (Persons)
(a) Secondary cause (b) Any mention
(1) Hypothermia was defined using the International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision (ICD-9) code 991.6 for the years 1999 to 2000, and the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10) code T68, for the years 2001 to 2008.
(2) Deaths reported as (a) secondary cause are included in those reported as (b) any mention.
(3) Figures are for deaths registered in each calendar year.

It is however a contributory cause to the 30 to 40,000 winter related deaths in the UK. People get cold, they slow down, they stop eating, they die, mostly the old, mostly low income.

I dread to think what the deaths for this period (2009/10) will be, it's been a bad winter and it's not over yet, not that the government has helped by wasting our money on global warming prevention and expensive "green" energy schemes. People are running out of money, pensions don't increase in line with costs, fuel bills are up, means food costs more, means people can't afford to heat there homes and so end up living in one room eating toast.

Labour have cost the people of this country dearly over the last 13 years, now they are costing people their lives because they didn't put anything by for a rainy day. Putting it right will cost, people, the old, the sick will fall by the wayside this winter as the great global warming scam falls apart and leaves us having spent billions on wasted energy initiatives. yet still 30% of the population (well those who will vote) might vote for them.

Some days I think people who vote labour must be mad, days like today I'm absolutely certain of it. Though God alone knows how the Tories can put things right even assuming they get into power.
Perhaps it's time for change, to get rid of the old parties and start again with people who actually care about this country rather than lining their own pockets, perhaps it's time we all voted anything other than Lib/Lab/Con.

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Anonymous said...

Depress yourself further and read this pillock in The Economist -

Intelligent naive ignorance on a massive scale.

Clear all the buggers out, get a decent voting system, devolve power to community level, banish globalist nutters

Best of luck and keep it up

The Slogger

Anonymous said...

PS Just so we're clear, John Ward in Medway is NOT me. Mandelson & Bradshawe like to think I'm him, butI'm not.

The Slogger

James Higham said...

That's a great way to tell us it was cold, QM.

JuliaM said...

"Some days I think people who vote labour must be mad, days like today I'm absolutely certain of it. "

I'm thinking that the best we can hope for is that their core vote stays home... :(

English Pensioner said...

I used to enjoy night-shifts, you could get on with the job without management interference! Fortunately mine were indoors, and as the duty engineer, I had control of the heating!