Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A waste of time and effort

So, Gordon Brown's to be challenged. Hewitt and Hoon have decided that Labour stand a better chance without him than with him.
They may be right, for a short period of time, a new leader could see a boost in the polls, particularly if he/she calls an immediate general election should they succeed.

However what's right for Labour is not right for the country, they've robbed us blind, forced us into political correctness blind alleys, lead us into foreign wars, wrecked the economy, watched us, monitored us, took away our freedoms, sold us down the river to the EU, sold off our gold (cheap) wrecked the best pension scheme in Europe, lied, stole, supported the thugs of the UAF, denied the English democracy that they allow Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The list goes on and on.

New Labour, new leader, no future.

That said I'll be glad when Brown goes, I was just hoping for the pseudo socialists to be destroyed along with the Labour party alongside him. If Labour survive for a 4th term (still unlikely under new management), I don't think it will be a long one, the economy plus their scorched earth policies will haunt any future UK government and I'm fairly sure that it will take far more than any Labour government has ever offered to repair the damage of 1997 - 2010 for the above reasons.

This is clearly a last throw of the die for Labour, it's becoming a choice between losing and being annihilated. I don't blame Hewitt and Hoon for doing it, I just wish they hadn't bothered, Labours day is done, they need to be killed off quickly and not believe they have a future prospect anywhere in the UK.

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JPT said...

Dead ducks fighting dead ducks.

Anonymous said...

You're right there... except you forgot to mention that they sold us out to America too. Whatever they want they get...

But don't worry too much about the rest of us having some sort of democracy. Remember that they deny us the right to do any more than tinker with income tax (and that only in Scotland), a ploy that no government would use unless they could balance it with other tax changes.

Our democracy is only a tiny bit better than yours. We still have to have the laws that they pass on the economy, fit only for southern England's economy but foisted on us; we still have to send our soldiers to their ghastly wars. All they did was think they could buy off our desire for freedom with their pathetic little ploy. It was the war criminal Blair who said that it would be just like a small parish council, something we don't even have in Scotland, the brainless twat.

Anyways, I agree with the rest of what you said. But Hoon and Hewitt. Two incredibly inspiring figures .... LOL LOL LOL.. I'd follow then anywhere!*!*!

Couldn't run a coup in a...

James Higham said...

Deckchairs on the Titanic.

Anonymous said...

James said 'Deckchairs on the Titanic'. Yes, indeed, small,narrow-minded, thieving, politically-correct, lying, traitorous, contemptuous, untrustworthy deckchairs. On the Titanic.