Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Leave us alone!

It seems those who we allow to run the country in our name are getting uppity again, looking for ways to control the masses that (in theory at least) are the masters, rather than the ruled. As ever they go for what they think is an easy target, alcohol, after all it worked on tobacco as thousands of smokers huddled outside public buildings now can attest.

"All-you-can-drink" promotions could be banned and compulsory identity checks introduced under government proposals to crack down on alcohol abuse.
If the plans for England and Wales are approved, bars will also not be able to hold speed-drinking competitions.
Retailers or publicans in breach of the code could be fined or jailed.
Home Secretary Alan Johnson said there was a "duty to act". The Tories said they would give councils more powers to tackle "problem" bars and clubs.
It is estimated that alcohol abuse kills 40,000 people in England and Wales every year, with the annual cost of drink-related crime and disorder in the UK as a whole put at between £8bn and £13bn.
If the government's proposals receive parliamentary approval, they will form a new mandatory code for retailers.
The key points of the parties' proposals are:

  • Bar staff and retailers required to demand proof of age of anyone who looks under 18

  • Ban "irresponsible" promotions such as all-you-can-drink offers and speed-drinking contests and ensure free tap water available

  • Pubs having to make small measures of beers, wines and spirits available

  • Giving councils the power to charge levy on premises causing problems late at night, including off-licences open after 10.30pm and pubs open after midnight

  • Duty increase on problem drinks, such as some very strong beers or alcopops

  • Permanently shutting down pubs which repeatedly break the rules

  • The Liberal Democrats have already outlined policies to curb excessive drinking, including stopping "irresponsible" promotions by setting a minimum price for alcohol
    The party also advocates a "one-strike-and-you're-out" policy, where shops would be fined and lose their licence the first time they are caught selling alcohol to children.
    You'll notice that it's all the major parties in England and Wales, even in Scotland the SNP are turning bansturbationist (I think I just invented that word... perhaps not)
    What is it with politicians thinking they can tell us what to do? Why do they think that forcing us to become interchangeable clones is in some way a good thing? I'm just waiting for the food police to spring into being fairly soon, it's in it's gestation stage with Defra I'm certain. It would be nice for a politician or rather a political leader to turn around and say "I'm sorry but telling people what they can and can't do themselves is not the business of the government," but I'm not about to hold my breath on that one, not least until the people start to get really narked about what the government is really up too.

    Why can't they just leave us alone, let us enjoy our drinks, even our other vices, tax them by all means if you really must and arrest those who can't resist the urge to get violent or abusive with others (not themselves) instead of making the law abiding majority pay for the sins of the few through the nose.

    Lib/Lab/Con.................authoritarian to the core and determined to go the way of the dinosaurs, simply by not giving us what we want and trying to stop us enjoying the few vices that have been left legal by their mendacious "we know best" attitude.

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    Anonymous said...

    We must prevent the dangers of passive drinking, think of the children.. ad nauseum. I have to drink to prevent myself losing it everytime I see a Lab/Lib/Con on TV spouting EU diktak.

    John R said...

    This ought to be an issue of personal responsibility.

    If you get wasted on a Friday night and end up staggering down the High Street cursing and vomiting as you go you should be arrested, locked up overnight and fined a week's benefit/salary in the morning (ie no delays - the evidence will be on camera). Next week, the same, and so on. Eventually the light will come on even in the densest skull and the problem will go away.

    Meanwhile I'll carry on having a quiet beer with my mates or a glass of plonk with a meal and not have to pay through the nose for it because NuLieBore's generation of unemployable half wits keep getting p***ed.

    English Pensioner said...

    Obviously it must be banned in the presence of children; my year old grandson suffers from passive drinking already. Why only last Sunday, he reached out from his high chair and tried to grab my wife's wine glass at the lunch table!

    Goodnight Vienna said...

    John R said it. What happened to the charge of Drunk & Disorderly? The laws are already there to lock up drunks overnight but the police don't have the facilities since police stations were closed down. Labour's doing what it does best and & introducing more legislation aimed at the everyone. They like everyone under their thumb.

    Anonymous said...

    I haven't taken a drink in more than 20 years; I'm seriously considering my options, however!

    James Higham said...


    Have you seen Mr Eugenides's site of late?

    STEVIE said...

    These idiots wont be happy until we are all huddled naked in dark caves eating cold vegetable soup.LEAVE ME ALONE!