Sunday, January 10, 2010

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Seems to be the way of UK politics, one party comes up with an idea and the other parties immediately comment that they will do it better/harder/quicker and that it was their idea in the first place, stolen, borrowed and you shouldn't believe what the other parties say as they're all liars.

Playground politics and they all do it and they can't seem to help themselves. Even when they try to keep a lid on their plans they're accused of not having any.

Conservative leader David Cameron has said his party will "go further" than Labour in cutting the UK's £178bn budget deficit, if they win power.
The government has pledged to halve Britain's deficit over four years, but Mr Cameron told the BBC: "We need to make more progress more quickly."
But he accepted that plans outlined by the Tories so far were "not enough" to balance the books.
The government says Conservative plans risk "choking off" the recovery.
The main parties have clashed on tax and spending as they seek to set the agenda in the build-up to the general election - widely expected to be held in May.
Interchangeable idiocy, government says one thing, opposition spokesman (same clone different tie) says the same but adds terms such as taking it further.
I'm coming to the conclusion that the system isn't the problem and that it would work fine if it wasn't infested by politicians, then again I look at the bloated bureaucracy that's built up in Westminster and think well that will have to go as well. We don't need politicians giving off soundbites as to what they are going to do, we just want them to either get on with it or in this case never have started us down the path that lead us here. The less power they have to interfere with the economy, education etc, the better, these should be left to either market forces or the people themselves at a local level, as we usually know what we want or need. Government should be limited to what's actually necessary at a national level, some degree of diplomacy, defence transport infrastructure, power and perhaps a degree of national standards. Other parties such as LPUK have thought it through far better than I.
The reason that people are turned off politics is mostly because they can't affect what's going on around them and politicians themselves who have made sure all power is in the hands of the state and their servants.
This cycle needs to be broken before the UK can move on, because the current system isn't working and the people are losing faith in it.

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Goodnight Vienna said...

We do need a fundamental change QM, the problem is we won't be getting it. In order to annihilate the Labour Party and make sure it can never rise again from its Fabian roots there needs to be a strong Conservative vote to avoid a hung Parliament. If we get a strong Cons government we'll eventually have the same problems with them that we have with Labour. Voting UKIP/BNP increases the likelihood of a hung Parliament so it's a Catch 22.