Sunday, December 13, 2009

Welcome to the real world.

Well the Greenies finally discovered that for all the global warming climate change talks going on in Copenhagen that their views weren't wanted or necessary to the political consensus of robbing us blind whilst maintaining lip service only to environmentalism. A sort of window dressing all style and no substance.

More than 900 campaigners were arrested in Copenhagen last night as police were accused of overreacting to sporadic street violence. The arrests came the day before an appeal in the Danish capital by the archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, for people to start loving and caring for their world.
Williams will address a congregation including Queen Margrethe of Denmark and senior international politicians. He will call for a scaling down of the extravagant use of energy and the amount of waste across the planet. "These things will only happen if we learn to love the world we live in," he will say.
Williams, a passionate believer in the need for control of the causes of climate change, has had strong words for those who deny that man's activities are not responsible for the current phase of global warming. "Don't please listen to those who say that there is some kind of choice to be made between looking after human beings and looking after the planet. It is one of the most foolish errors around these days," he said.
But last night violence broke out when tens of thousands of people – some dressed as penguins and polar bears, carrying signs saying: "Save the humans" – took to the streets. The march had been organised to urge conference delegates to work out a binding deal to tackle climate change but was marred when a group of protesters threw bricks at police.
Police said two Britons had been deported. "There were many thousands on the march. The police knew that some of them were activists. Some of them were throwing stones and in that case we make arrests. The activists also wear masks on their faces and this is illegal under Danish law," police spokesman Henrik Moeller Jakobsen said.
 Police over-reacting? No, I think the Greenies were just being a nuisance to the whole process. It's not like Copenhagen has anything to do with reality anyway. The furore over the CRU leak, the suing of Nasa over their Giss data and now the recent calling into question of the entire Ipcc datase rather proves the point all too well.
I believe the Green religion is about to find out just how well they've been stitched up by the political classes, used, abused and now discarded. Once the deals been done, once the monies been allocated then the funding for their lobbyists will be stopped and the iron fist will come out of the velvet glove as was demonstrated in Copenhagen.

Welcome back to the real world watermelons, you were useful in getting what the politicians and the NWO wanted, but now you're in the way. Bye, bye, you wont be missed.

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Barking Spider said...

Spot on, QM, people like these never realise what they've done until it's too late - useful idiots!