Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Oh bullied were you?

Well according to Baron Martin of Trough Springburn they were.

Former Commons Speaker Lord Martin has said MPs were "bullied" into referring their expense claims for investigation.
Lord Martin, who quit over his handling of the expenses crisis, spoke during a Lords debate on setting up a standards commissioner for peers.
He said journalists with no "prima facie" evidence would justify running stories on MPs by persuading someone to call for an investigation.
"Vexatious" complaints were often made against MPs in marginal seats, he said.
Lord Martin was elevated to the Lords after being effectively forced out as Commons Speaker in May over the way he had handled the row over MPs' expenses.
Once again proving that those at the top simply don't get it, still I'll make the case again and though (as far as I know) no MP would be seen reading this blog  without a gun to their heads*

It wasn't your money, it was mine and you stole it!

You robbed the people you were meant to represent, don't give me that guff about it being in the rules because you wrote the rules, you ruled on the rules and you used the law to try and prevent the truth coming out that cost me money too!

Bullied? If I had my way you and your fellow troughers would have been disbarred from ever representing the public in any shape or form and had all your assets seized as compensation and then put into public stocks for pillorying.

You lied, you cheated, you stole and now you whine about how we found out, still all me, me, me with you lot isn't it?

* Nice thought though ☺

4 annotations:

Anonymous said...

A reasonable summation of the situation. I dare say the Right Honourable and Noble (well, thats a good laugh) Baron will be doing his best to ensure that as little regulation as possible gets in the way of his new source of swill.

Anonymous said...

I would have the noble Baron executed, then rendered down for bio-diesel. This is not because he stole the money, not because he wanted to hide the fact that he stole the money, and not because he wasted even more money failing to hide the theft of the first lot.

No, I would have the bastard lynched because he is a whingeing, pusillanimous, slavering cry-baby.

Barking Spider said...

These troughing twats have no idea what real bullying is, QM, it would be a real pleasure to teach them all about it.

James Higham said...

Got it in one, QM.