Monday, December 7, 2009

Of course the Saudis would say that

Well the great, the not so great, the smelly and the tax em till they scream set gathered in Copenhagen today and the MSM were practically exploding with sycophancy. Even those who couldn't be there, the various Labour, Lib Dem and Green blogs were salivating and practically orgasming in their joy at the hope that their new religion would save the world.
Of course the matter of the CRU emails and data set came up and massive were the attempts to downplay their impact. The spokesweasel from the IPCC stating that their decisions were made on solid scientific fact from other sources not just the CRU and conveniently not mentioning that NASA one of their chief sources of data via the GISS was going to be sued for lying about their dataset too.

The matter of the Saudi opposition to the agreement was mentioned too, but fobbed off. Despite the Saudis saying climategate would have a huge impact on Copenhagen the BBC came up with the excuse that because the Saudis are an oil producing nation and would be affected financially by any global-warming climate change settlement "They would say that wouldn't they."

You know the whole thing is doomed though as Jonah Brown has stuck his oar in. His opinions were aired in the Guardians CIF I don't know who he quite hoped to convince though as the majority of commenter's there proceeded to  rip his views, arguments and facts to shreds, not just on global-warming climate change either, but on anything that he might have had a hand in (and there's quite a lot)

Anyway the good news is that anything Jonah has a hand in or supports is doomed to failure. Apart from that Copenhagen is going pretty much as I imagined it would. Dissent stifled, lies promoted, facts distorted, politicians trying to grab soundbite time and the usual parade of watermelons trying to tell us we have only 40 days to save the planet unless we cough up more cash as bribes to African chieftains and third world nations to ease their problems. Oh yes and the major driving force behind it all is the EU who are obsessed with getting more money out of our pockets.

Mad, bad and totally bollocks and still the possibility of it costing the average western citizen an arm and a leg to finance.

Tariq Ali says…
“Copenhagen may be the last chance to get communist ideals back onto the global stage.”
“Andrew Marr discusses the Enlightenment with Tzvetan Todorov, communism with Tariq Ali, Russian Art with Andrew Graham-Dixon and “The Second Sex” with Janine di Giovanni.”

16 minutes and 2 seconds in.

H/T Guido and friends.

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Anonymous said...

They'd better not stay too long in Copenhagen - that Arctic ice is spreading south at an alarming rate.

(Watermelons? Green outside, red inside?)

Quiet_Man said...

Yes watermelons :-D

Anonymous said...

I think (I wasn't really listening much), but I think, that Mr brown called me a flat earther...

How rude was that?

Like I give a toss of course....