Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Moderates? Give me a break!

Tory "moderates" attacked climate change sceptics today according to the Independent.
Tory moderates have attacked climate change sceptics as “flat-earthers” and urged David Cameron to show Churchillian leadership on the issue if he becomes prime minister.
The Tory Reform Group, the main body for “One Nation” Conservatives, warned that the world is “drinking in the last chance saloon”. It rallied behind Mr Cameron in his battle with Tory MPs, MEPs and grassroots members, many of whom are sceptical about climate change, as The Independent revealed last week.
And who might these moderates be?  Well they aren't really that moderate as they are all strident EUphiles and as the EU is madly in love with the idea of robbing us blind via "Green" taxation it's no surprise at all.
Kenneth Clarke, Tim Yeo and John Gummer are the ones behind the attack and trot out the same old lines that we can trust the scientists and the data, you know, the scientists that lied, refused to release data, tried to avoid FOI requests, blackballed colleagues who disagreed and attempted to destroy the peer review system for any who dissented. My do they make a matching set, save only that the politicians are marginally more corrupt.
The amazing thing is of course that the MSM will lap this up, it's how they want to see it (not how it is though) and any who doubt or deny the new Green God as David Davies (a true moderate and libertarian) did are derided and attacked in the MSM for daring to speak for the majority who smell a ripe green rat when they look at the cost of the environmental lunacy.
Well the Tory Reform Group are once again showing themselves to be as out of touch with the UK public as ever, Just a shame that David Cameron supports them.

"The TRG has contributed greatly to the Conservative Party over the last 30 years and is central to where we need to be in the future... your core beliefs in 'freedom, individual responsibility and community' matter now more than ever."
(Rt Hon. David Cameron MP, Summer 2009)

Wrong again Dave, wrong again.


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thespecialone said...

I truly despair at these people. Sometimes I think Clarke says good things. But I just cannot understand his stance on Europe. And even though the vase majority of the British public do not believe that there is such a thing as MMGW, politicians of all parties just do not get it do they? Mind you, they still get tons of expenses. Wankers.