Friday, December 11, 2009

€7.2 billion reasons to leave

Well that was predictable, our overlords and masters (until the revolution) have decided that a lot of our money is to be best spent on tilting at windmills climate change in developing countries. Not on Europeans mind you, but on other nations.

EU leaders have agreed to pay 7.2bn euros (£6.5bn; $10.6bn) over the next three years to help developing nations adapt to climate change.
Announcing the deal, Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt said all 27 EU member nations would contribute and that the EU was doing its "fair share".
UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown said the UK's promise, at £500m ($800m; 553m euros) a year was the highest.
EU leaders hope the deal may boost the ongoing UN climate talks in Copenhagen.
The president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, said he was confident the agreement could kick-start the final negotiations there.
But BBC environment correspondent Richard Black says that although EU leaders believe they have a credible finance proposal, it is by no means certain that all developing countries will see it as enough, even if the EU figures are matched by countries such as Japan and the US.
 And yes, there's Brown supposedly running a country deep in recession through his own financial mismanagement giving away £500 million of our cash to try and stop something that may not be happening the way scientists think. Certainly not if the data from the leaked CRU lab is to be believed. The money looks as if it's being sent to line the Swiss bank accounts of various African countries leaders.
Now I know all the arguments on climate change and I'm definitely a sceptic and with good reason as the recent furore has proved that I was right that the consensus about global warming climate change is not as air tight as certain climatologists and politicians would have us believe. Prevention (as if you could) would be horrendously expensive which is why politicians are all for it as some of the cash will no doubt "stick" to their greasy little paws. However adaption will not be so expensive and will be workable as we adapt the needs and the infrastructure of our countries to meet the changes, not prevent them.

Mind you that would take common sense which is thin on the ground with our current crop of elected leaders.

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James Higham said...

On the take and out of control - that's the only thing we need to bear in mind about these people.

Anonymous said...

Rotschild kunts, all of them