Wednesday, November 18, 2009

When will the majority get what they want?

A new Poll out in the Daily Express says that 86% of the people polled want out of the EU. Now as far as I can tell, the poll was an online one and only those who have strong feelings over the matter are likely to have voted. Yet it's becoming ever more obvious that the people of the UK want out, want no more to do with the petty interferences, the laws that don't suit or fit out lifestyles and traditions and the trade restrictions that keep the price of goods high and prevent competition from suppliers outside of the EU.

An EXCLUSIVE online poll for found that a massive 86 per cent of voters think Britain should quit the European Union - now.

Thousands of visitors to the site have placed their vote in the past month and we can now reveal that only 13 per cent who took part believe it's worth remaining an EU member.  A mere one per cent don't care either way. 

Belgian Prime Minister Herman Van Rompuy - favourite to become President of the EU - wants to replace national emblems with "European symbols".

Britain was only this month frogmarched into a miserable new era of meddling Brussels rule after the final remaining resistance to the hated Lisbon Treaty collapsed.
Yes, they do so love to meddle, and it's not a trickle of legislation, it's a flood, 72% of the cost of regulation in the UK is EU-derived. This hurts our (remaining) industry and manufacturing and makes us uncompetitive. The EUphiles keep harping on about how we'll lose trade if we leave (we wont) lose influence over EU decisions (who cares) and will be worse off out, yet the evidence continues to grow that a UK out of the EU will thrive without the masses of petty regulations that are necessary for the EU but not necessary for the UK's internal trade.

The pressure will continue to grow, Labour blew it by ratifying Lisbon without a referendum and the Conservatives are playing with fire if they think they can renegotiate our position, it wont be enough, the people are saying let us have a vote, in or out and it's looking likely that given the vote, we'll come out.

3 annotations:

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed, we will suffer if we leave the EU. Just look at how badly Norway and Switzerland are doing. See how loudly they are banging on the EU door, begging to be let in.

The UK does NOT have to stay in Europe.

James Higham said...

I can't see that any MP can refuse to push for this now. With heightened sensitivity pre-election, they must be keeping their finger on the pulse and they are seeing all this sort of thing going on. Thjey know it is an election issue - it just needs to be the main election issue, alongside the economy.

scunnert said...

The political elites want the EU whether they admit it or not. The UK will never be given that vote.