Saturday, November 14, 2009

Murderess on the loose.

People occasionally ask me why I blog (not normally other bloggers thank God) and there are a wide raft of reasons. Most in common with other political bloggers such as feeling the need to say or do something/anything. Needing to let off steam in an ever state intrusive environment, sheer pleasure at seeing your thoughts writ large. Even knowing that some people agree with what you think as well as those who don't agree, but who are prepared at least to put you right on matters.
However occasionally I can point to stuff like this, where something really needs to be said.

Woman killer flees on shop visit

A woman convicted of murder has gone on the run during an escorted visit to the shops in south London.
Patricia Gillette, 41, from Streatham, south London, was detained indefinitely in 2007 for killing Mark Murphy, 38, at his home in Streatham in August 2006.
Gillette, who was being held at Bethlem Royal Hospital, was on a visit to shops in West Wickham High Street, Bromley, when she escaped on Friday afternoon.
Police described her as "dangerous" and warned people not to approach her.
Det Supt Gary Gornell said: "This individual is dangerous and we need to apprehend her as soon as possible. If anyone sees her, please don't approach her, but call police immediately."
Gillette is of large build, has moles under both eyes, a scar on the left side of her neck and another scar on her left ear, police said.
She was last seen wearing a red hooded coat, a blue jeans shirt, black jogging bottoms and black shoes.
 Oh, where to start.
  1. If she's so dangerous, why was she out shopping, even escorted?
  2. She was being held in a hospital (mental) so why was she out shopping, even escorted?
  3. If they need to apprehend her quickly, why was she out shopping, even escorted?
  4. She's clearly a violently inclined utter loon, so why was she out shopping, even escorted? 

Ok you can see where this is going, however the question that has to be asked is.....

Why was she out shopping, even escorted?

The whole point of dealing with those who may be a danger to the public is that you don't let them anywhere near the public, I can see that, my good Lady can see that, I expect the guys I work alongside will be able to see that, so why can't those responsible for our safety see it?  Where's the "Tough On Crime, tough on the causes of crime" ethos here? She'd only been inside for 3 years, she was detained indefinitely  (hint she's really dangerous) so they let her out amongst the public to go shopping! Even escorted that's simply not good enough, whatever happened to locking them up and throwing the key away? And how will it look if she re-offends and injures/kills some other poor sod who happens to get in her way?

When are we going to apply common sense to cases like this, indeed to all aspects of justice or even life in general where it runs up against the state and their decrees?

And I needed to say that, because if I hadn't my blood pressure would have gone through the roof.

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James Higham said...

Common sense seems to have departed these islands, QM. A search party's been sent out looking for it.

Anonymous said...

Search Party for Common Sense has been called off due to, well, due to lack of common sense, actually.

subrosa said...

Beautifully written if I may say. :)

I'm in complete agreement of course.

Barking Spider said...

There will be no hint of a return to common sense until at least next summer, QM, and even then I'm not so sure.

Anonymous said...

There will be some good news later in the this was just a wind up.

Anonymous said...

I am relieved we had simply misunderstood the earlier news, Quiet Man.

Ms Gillette had only popped into a back street gun and knife shop to familiarise herself with the latest gear ahead of her release.

Reimer said...

anyone know anything of the circumstances of her original crime? Just curious.

M Gillette said...

The man she meant of killed was a drugly he came at her with a steel bar beating her in hes own home, he use to ues her for sex give her drugs. Until no day she could nt take no more. It was someone else that killed the man.

True Story

ask the police