Sunday, November 29, 2009

Getting the better of the UK

Well, it's out in the open, but for those of us who watched how things developed it comes as no surprise. The French President is currently gloating over the fact that it is France who controls the key EU finance ministerial position. Note that Sarkozy maintains that it is a Frenchman Michel Barnier who has the position so not much hope of neutrality there.

From the Telegraph.

Nicolas Sarkozy has reignited the row over the appointment of European Union commissioners by branding Britain “the big losers”.

The French President said the appointment of Baroness Ashton of Upholland as the EU’s new foreign policy chief was far less important than the elevation of Michel Barnier, France’s former agriculture minister, to the key financial post of commissioner for the internal market, which puts him in charge of supervising the City of London.
In provocative remarks which are certain to inflame tensions, Mr Sarkozy told Le Monde newspaper that the negotiations which resulted in Tony Blair being jettisoned and Herman Van Rompuy, the Belgian Prime Minister, being appointed the new EU president, were a “French victory”.
He is quoted by the newspaper as saying: “The agreement on the role of Michel Barnier was sealed between Barroso and I three days ago. It’s exceptional for France. And the second victory is that our friends, the Romanians, have agriculture.” Le Monde adds in reported speech, not quotes: “In brief, two jobs the Anglo-Saxons will not have.”
French sources also suggested provocatively that Baroness Ashton’s appointment was “a shot in the foot” because the British “have the difficult task of managing European diplomacy. But they will be under the surveillance of the European Council’s Secretary General, the French diplomat Pierre de Boissieu... to Mr Sarkozy’s great satisfaction.” France Soir meanwhile proclaimed: “The French have won.”
Well, there you have it, Gordon Browns legacy to the people of the UK, backed up by David Cameron's refusal to let us have a say in just who rules us, Westminster or Brussels Paris. This is very bad news for the City of London as the guy the French have put in charge is a great believer in over-regulation, which means that the crucial business sector that is the City of London could soon up and move to more conducive areas to do business, certainly not in the EU, probably Zurich or outside Europe altogether. This wont affect the French and German markets too much as they're already highly regulated and taxed anyway, so our glorious parliament of traitors has probably ruined the country financially and followed it up by losing economic control to the French and endangering the one area in which the UK shines vis the financial markets.

So, what will the next government do? Well, bugger all mainly, leaving aside cast iron promises made of sand this is an area of competence that Westminster has ceded to Brussels Paris. And if the next government thinks they can renegotiate this back or get concessions, well they're deluding themselves though probably not the EUsceptic majority of the British people.

This is another reason why we the people need to be asked, in or out, simple enough. Though those in charge may have to be dragged kicking and screaming into it. They'll lose, they know they'll lose and they know we have the ammunition to destroy their claims of the EU being good for us. Sarkozy let the cat out of the bag, but you have the feeling they don't care anymore anyway, they think they have us, they may be right. Certainly our successive governments have let us down badly over the years always telling us they know best and today the Telegraph nailed that lie.
We have been betrayed by our governments, we want our country back and we will have our country back, you can't hold us off forever, we will win, we will have our say and we'll say OUT!

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Anonymous said...

Seriously QM, what country would have accepted a Brit as a financial regulator? It would be like putting a kiddy in charge of the sweets.

British regulation leads to financial collapse.

British regulation: Take all you can get chaps and to hell with the hindmost. Just make billions for yoursleves, and never mind about the crash, you'll have it all salted away by then and the ordinary people will have bail your banks out.

I'm glad these greedy Bankers will be screwed. Maybe we will start to find a better way of making money... like making stuff.

I want Scotland back, I can't deny it. I'm fed up with everything being about London and the City.

Quiet_Man said...

The city exists to make a profit, it pays taxes on the profits, that's it's job. It also attracts foreign investors who bring money into the City as well, The turnover and profits of the City of London are actually higher than Scotland's and the money it makes are taxed and invested back into the UK. That's why a light touch regulation is needed to keep foreign investors here and putting money into the economy.
One thing about bankers bonuses that's often missed is that they are often in preferential shares in the company and not cash and they aren't allowed to cash them in for up to 5 years. That means if the company doesn't make profits, isn't successful then the shares become worthless. Personally I don't have as big a problem with bankers bonuses as I do with government taxation, after all I can't see the benefits of excessive taxation.

Goodnight Vienna said...

The French & Germans have been wanting to get their hands on the City for many years now. It contributes, or did before the crash, about 20% to UK GDP. The last time I checked Scotland was still part of the UK and so would have benefited from the financial services in the City.

Anonymous said...

QM. Don't tell me that these people don't live the most fabulous of lives. Not for doing something fantastic like giving life to cancer sufferers, or disovering new ways to power the world.... no, for speculating with wild plans that, when they go horribly wrong, as over and over they do, have to be bailed out.

London may make a lot in taxes from these people, but it also receives the biggest subsidy in the UK except for NI. When it comes to bail out time, that becomes figures most of us can only dream about.

The rest of the world blames Anglo-saxon madness for the melt down that we will all be paying for for the next 20 years or more. I for one could do with getting a break after from subsidising the bankers after that.

I am heartily glad that there is no Britamerican in charge.

James Higham said...

And thus we sail into oblivion.

Sue said...

I really hope he keep pushing and taking the mick. Can you imagine how peeved the British public are going to get?

Junius said...

tris - why don't you lot just pack up your haggis and bagpipes and declare your independence.

All this nonsense about England not wanting you to go - can't afford to live without you doesn't disguise the fact that we want you out - you say you want out so why don't you just go. Otherwise JUST SHUT UP

scunnert said...

Junius - be nice.

The City bankrupted the country and the consequence of this (and Brown's treatchery in signing Lisbon) is the UK is no longer in charge of its own economy. As JH says:

"And thus we sail into oblivion."

Anonymous said...

Firstly, you show a remarkable knowledge of Scotland. Haggis and bagpipes huh? Well, there is a little more to us than that, as I suspect there is more to the English that bowler hats and Morris dancing.

Why don’t we just declare independence? Well, I’m sure you know that answer to that. Today our First Minister has announced his intention to bring legislation before the parliament to offer the Scottish people a referendum on their constitutional future. However, the English based parties have announced at the same time that they will join together in coalition to block this bill, and deny the Scots a voice in their future.

Not very democratic, but what would you expect from parties that promised Euro referenda, and then gone back on their word?

Why don’t I SHUT UP? Well, if The Quiet Man asks me to, I shall, but I thought I had the right to comment here freely, as he does on my blog. That’s the way these things work.

Quiet_Man said...

Feel free to defend in what you believe Tris, I believe that Scotland as well as the other countries of the UK should have a say in where they see their future lying. Should Scotland wish to leave then that is your right and most of the English will wish you well and good luck. Times change and what was right for 300 years ago may not be right for us all now, though some may cling to the past, people and times move on. I suspect Scotland will do well enough for herself in the wide world as would England, Wales or even Northern Ireland, it's just the latter countries are not at the political stage of being asked what we want.

Anonymous said...

Thanks QM.

I know we don't see eye to eye on every subject, but it is good to now that I have the freedom to disagree with you here.

There are many in Scotland who do not want independence, some old, some middle aged, some young.

I met a young Labour supporter when I was canvassing last year. He wanted to know if the SNP would be able to pay his benefit. He was better off he though, to stick with Labour. But i also know a pensioner of 79 who has sworn to go live abroad if Scotland becomes independent.

Of course I now many people who want independence so much it hurts...some of them are 18, some 80+.

I can't see what the English based parties have to lose by letting us have a referendum. They tell us that we will lose. They just don't seem prepared to put their money where their mouthes are!