Monday, October 26, 2009

Waxing and waning

The idiot that is David Miliband seems to believe that Britain's influence will wane should we not accept our new Lords and Masters aka the EU.

Miliband: Britain needs strong EU 

Britain's influence on the world will "wane" unless it takes a lead in developing European Union foreign policy, David Miliband has warned.
The foreign secretary said a strong EU should not be opposed on the grounds of "hubris, nostalgia or xenophobia".
In a speech in London, Mr Miliband said the alternative was to become an "irrelevance" in a world dominated by China and the United States.
"I think the choice for Britain is also simply stated. We can lead a strong European foreign policy or, lost in hubris nostalgia or xenophobia, watch our influence in the world wane."

  • 1) Britain's influence within the EU is waning simply because the number of EU members is increasing.
  • 2) EU policy decisions will be in the interest of the EU, not Britain.
  • 3) You don't have to be part of a large bloc to have influence way beyond your apparent size.
  • 4) Britain will never lead a strong European policy, France and Germany will see to that.
  • 5) America, or even China will need allies and markets and they may well choose to do business with a friendly Britain rather than a hostile and competitive EU.

Not the face of a man you could trust.

Besides why trust a set of politicians who ignore referenda, ignore manifesto commitments, fiddle their expenses, take bribes, lie, obfuscate, mislead, cheat, scheme and make the term morally bankrupt look positively mild when used as an adjective before their names?

No Referendum, No Vote!

Simple as that.

4 annotations:

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

His NaZoviet daddy would be proud. They just love putting together bigger and bigger machines to steal things from people. They themselves will never do a job of work in their whole lives. Pig troughing goon.

Anonymous said...

Douglas Carswell appears to be alluding to this in his blog today.

The arguments of the three main parties are misleading. They make small concessions here and there, but when viewed as a whole, they're offering us exactly the same as before - big, federalised EU government.

James Higham said...

Quite right - no truck with the EU.

scunnert said...

Just say NO!