Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ode to Joy or EU uber alles?

Well the EUphiles are having a field day, practically orgasming in their joy that at last the "Great Project"* is getting underway. Ireland capitulated, the Czechs and Poles under pressure and the Germans sure to find a way past their legal system all before the UK general election and sudden death by referendum if the UK has a say (Which we wont, I've read the arguments, studied the facts and hope I'm wrong, but the smart money is still on the EU getting there before us)

So, what is it that the EUphiles believe that is so good about the EU itself?

Well, they point out, Europe needs to unite in order to be a dominant bloc in world politics.

The EUskeptics, know that you don't need to be a large country to punch above your weight.

They point out that a stronger constitution will lead to greater democracy.

The EUskeptics, know the real power is with the unelected commision, not the elected Parliament.

They point out that the EU will now have a president to represent them.

The EUskeptics, point out that again it's not an elected President.

They think now that reform can take place, such as the Common Agricultural Policy.

The EUskeptics, know that whilst the agrarian bloc within the EU (Mainly France) has power no such reform will take place.

They think greater accountability will now make the EU more democratic.

The EUskeptics, know that corruption is endemic within the EU political class and all attempts to root it out have lead to the sacking of the investigators, not the crooks. The EUskeptics, know that the EU auditors have not been able to sign off the accounts for 17 years now, nor is their any indication that they will be able too next year.

They believe that a common EU army will be able to project power like the USA does and will act as a counter to USA imperialism.

The EUskeptics, know that such a project will be hamstrung by things such as language and cost. The French in particular will never allow an EU force that does not have French as the main language, whilst all the rest will speak English (no kidding there)

I could go on practically ad infinitum, but you get the point. What I'm saying is that EUphiles are optimists and whilst in some areas this isn't a bad thing, when it comes to politics and politicians all you are doing is setting yourself up for disillusionment.
Whilst EUskeptics might be derided as being unduly pessimistic about the EU at least they've never been disappointed, there are things that Europe does well, but sadly the political side of things isn't one of them.

* For a given value of great

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Thomas Byrne said...

This needs a fisking really. Nom on my Lunch first then maybe get around to it on my blag.

scunnert said...

I would describe the EUskeptics view as based on objective reality rather than wishful thinking and self delusion.