Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leave us the hell alone!

Nice the government's expert advisory body on medical treatment (a most contradictory acronym if ever there was one) Is up to it's bansturbating authoritarian best today.

The government's expert advisory body on medical treatment is recommending imposing minimum prices on alcohol as a means of combating "hazardous and harmful drinking".
Draft proposals put out for consultation by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) today put it on a political collision course with the Department of Health.
The recommendation, hidden away on page 16 of a 78-page advisory document on public health, will stir up public controversy over the issue, adding to the growing list of doctors and politicians in favour of price controls.
Earlier this year, the chief medical officer, Sir Liam Donaldson, backed a minimum price of 50p per unit of alcohol to combat binge drinking. He vowed to pursue the initiative despite Gordon Brown rejecting it. The British Medical Association endorsed the proposal last month, saying it would be one of the most effective ways of stopping young people drinking excessively and damaging their bodies. The Conservative party backed the move at their conference this month, promising to target cheap super-strength beers, cider and alcopops. The Scottish government is already investigating how to introduce a blanket minimum pricing control on all alcohol.
1)  The safe drinking units were just plucked out of the air, made up, and are a pack of lies foisted upon us by so called experts.
2)  It's none of their business how much anyone should choose to drink, it's not a crime...................yet.
3)  Those of us who choose to drink and don't commit crimes do not like bastards like Nice telling us that we should pay more because some people do get violent. We after all are supposed to have laws and a police force for such matters.
4)  You make one drug prohibitively expensive people will start using another, life's like that.
5)  The BMA, Nice, The Tories and Labour should not meddle with ordinary people so much, we don't like to be told what to eat, drink, smoke, run, don't run etc. It gives us thoughts about stringing up jobsworths and public servants.
6)  Go away and die in excruciating agony the lot of you meddling, sanctimonious, bansturbating, holier than thou, smug, unsmiling, joyless nobodies and don't ever come up with such crap again.

5 annotations:

I am Stan said...

You make sense..make some noise!

Sue said...

They really do piss me off! I am sick of being preached to by immoral, greedy, lying scumbags!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Despite your protestations, drinking,in my view, will go the same way as smoking.

Longrider said...

...and don't ever come up with such crap again.

Fat chance.

James Higham said...

Think I need a hazardous and harmful drink.