Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jumping to conclusions

It was an awful thing to happen to a schoolgirl, indeed it would have been an awful thing to happen to anyone, but the headlines screamed

Schoolgirl dies after cancer jab

Indeed she did and suddenly there was a lot of controversy in the MSM and in the blogging community about the safety of the Cervical cancer jabs, despite the fact that the odds of an extreme reaction were very very low.

As it turns out, it wasn't the jab that killed her, at least not according to a pathologist.

A girl who was vaccinated against cervical cancer died from a malignant tumour of the chest and not from a reaction to the jab, it has emerged.

Natalie Morton, 14, died after being given the injection at the Blue Coat Church of England School in Coventry.

Deputy coroner for Coventry Louise Hunt said the vaccine was not thought to have been a contributing factor.

A pathologist said her undiagnosed condition was "so severe that death could have arisen at any point".

Natalie collapsed less than two hours after being given the Cervarix vaccine on Monday and was pronounced dead at Coventry's University Hospital.

Her death sparked concern among pupils and parents and on Tuesday HPV1 Cervarix vaccinations were temporarily suspended by some schools and primary care trusts.

The deputy coroner, who opened and adjourned the hearing at Coventry Magistrates' Court, said: "It appears that Natalie died from a tumour in her chest involving her heart and her lungs."

The inquest was told that the tumour had "heavily infiltrated" her heart and extended into her left lung.

Now this isn't an "I told you so" as I never blogged on the subject before and given the governments track record on cover ups................. well you can see where this is going.
However when it comes to the speculation over Gordon Browns health, well that's all it is, speculation. Yes, there's a given amount of anecdotal evidence, but that's all it is, anecdotal and people drawing certain conclusions. But there is no evidence of pill popping, not one bit of it, simply people drawing conclusions from reports and speculation from one blogger.
Now I do think Gordon Brown is a bit mental, but clinically? Well I have my doubts, most of my conclusions are driven by the fact that he's a socialist, lies a lot, no people or interpersonal skills and hasn't a clue on how to run the country. Not because he's taking medication, I have no proof he is, it's just speculation, like presuming because a schoolgirl died after an anti-cancer jab, that it was the jab that killed her.

Sooner or later the truth will come out, it may not be a truth we like, but it will have to be faced. I may be wrong here, people may be lying, they may even have good reason too. But at the moment all we have is speculation and that's all.

2 annotations:

Anonymous said...

Did Louise Hunt call independent experts to assist? She is a nurse and not a doctor. She is not qualified to adjudicate on medical issues.

Quiet_Man said...

Louise Hunt is a deputy coroner, I rather suspect like most qualified coroners she knows her business.