Monday, October 12, 2009


Breaking news on the BBC Gordon Brown is to pay back £12,415 in expenses.

So, turns out our glorious Reichsfuhrer did have his hand in the till too, along with whatsisname the  Lib Dem guy, the leader, the one who people can never remember who has to pay back  £910 and Call me Dave has been asked for more details over his mortgage.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown will repay £12,415 after an independent audit of all MPs' expenses claims since 2004.
Downing Street confirmed he would repay the amount which is believed to include claims for cleaning costs.
It was within the rules but auditor Sir Thomas Legg has set retrospective annual limits on what he thinks should have been claimed for some services.
Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg is to repay £910 of the £3,900 he claimed for gardening between 2006 and 2009.
Sir Thomas believes £1,000 a year is sufficient to cover gardening.
All MPs are getting letters about their expenses claims from Sir Thomas.
The former civil servant was asked to scrutinise all MPs' claims after details of what they had been claiming under their second homes allowance and others were leaked and published by the Daily Telegraph in May.
'No quibbling'
The BBC understands he has set retrospective limits for some items and annual limits on what he believes they should have claimed - including £1,000 a year for gardening and £2,000 for cleaning.
Some MPs will be told their expenses presented no issues, others will be asked for more information and many are expected to be asked to repay money.
Earlier Mr Clegg told the BBC MPs should pay up if asked to do so: "The last thing MPs should be doing ... is quibbling, questioning, trying to drag their heels.

Paying it back though is just the start, apologies are not enough, if I did this at my place of work I would be sacked and charges brought. These people are thieves, they are corrupt, they've tried to hide the evidence, they've even sought to prevent the public going to court to get compensation.
This Parliament should be dissolved and any MP who has had to pay back their ill gotten gains prevented from ever standing for public office again, if we can't trust you to be honest with our money then we can't trust you to run the country.

I've no doubt "Call me Dave" will try to get elected on a new broom agenda, however I'm sick of the mainstream political parties and their hegemonic grasp on the levers of power, it is time, well past time for change and that has to start with getting rid of the "Big Three" from power. People should look to independent parties see what's out there, look to change the face of UK politics forever. The "Big Three" just don't care anymore, have become too used to the trappings of power.

It's time for change and no-one in this current Parliament is prepared to deliver it, so the only way we'll get change is for them all to go.

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