Saturday, October 10, 2009

English Heroes #3

An occasional series recording English men and women who have done great things for themselves or others and reflected well on the country of their birth.

Lloyd Gardner, 22, of Ottery St Mary, Devon, contacted police in 2006 after seeing CCTV footage of a man wanted in connection with the rape in Exeter.
He spotted two women he knew on the film - and they led police to rapist Jakub Tomczak.
Mr Gardner said he did not deserve the reward and hoped the cash would help the woman rebuild her life.
He said: "I was told I was entitled to a reward because I gave police the lead they needed as I recognised the two girls and through them detectives were able to track the man down.
"It was a difficult decision to make because it is a lot of money and it would have been very helpful but I didn't feel like a deserved it at all.
"With the state that the girl was in after the incident, I really felt that it would go towards making her life a lot better over the next couple of years."

Lloyd Gardner, this blog salutes you, a true Englishman.

2 annotations:

Barking Spider said...

Nice to know that there are still decent young people in this country, QM.

scunnert said...

We need more like him.