Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Does he think we're stupid?

I'm talking about Ken Clarke here,
Ken Clarke's 'one in, one out' law to cut red tape for business
Ken Clarke promised a nightclub-style “one in, one out’ policy on new rules on business today, vowing that a Tory government would introduce no new regulation without getting rid of an old law.
The Shadow Business Secretary also promised that quangos would be automatically abolished unless they proved that they were still useful. The public would also be able to nominate unpopular laws for parliament to debate, Mr Clarke told the Conservative Party conference.
“We will introduce a system of regulatory budgets across government, that means no new red tape will be introduced without a compensating cut in the costs and burden somewhere else,” Mr Clarke said.
He would serve as a "bouncer" to prevent red tape from reaching the statute book, promising to chair a new body to scrutinise regulation.

This simply isn't possible, for one very outstanding reason aka the EU. Brussels produces a whole slough of legislation affecting UK businesses (indeed all EU businesses) some of which our EU colleagues simply conveniently ignore, but which the UK's army of jobsworths enforce to the point of idiocy (often getting a rebuke from the EU over their over-zealousness)
Ken Clark is either assuming we're stupid enough to take him at face value or he's ignorant of what the EU actually does (and he's not ignorant) I doubt I'll be the only one to call him out on this either, though I suspect he'll never, ever know who or what I am.
He must know that there is absolutely nothing an incoming Tory government can do about this either, so it's plain and simple, the man is lying to us, pretty much the same way Labour have lied to us over the last 12 years too.

Oh yes, he's opposed to any sort of referendum either........what a surprise, not!

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scunnert said...

As I said on Lobbydog's blog - Westminster can't control the volume of EU directives.

Barking Spider said...

Ken Clarke has always been a complete and utter Europhile to the point of inducing nausea - he's even been told to keep his mouth firmly shut about the EU at the conference!