Monday, October 5, 2009

Britain is now a failed state.

Chancellor Alistair Darling has written to pay review bodies calling on them to freeze the pay of judges, senior NHS managers and GPs.
He is also imposing an immediate pay freeze on senior civil servants although this does not include the military - affecting 750,000 people.
I foresee the 1970's all over again. Wonder if this is part of Labour's scorched earth policy, seems pretty likely. Interesting that they announced it just before the Shadow Chancellors speech at the Tory conference too. Spoiling tactics, something that just seems to come naturally to Labour.

Wonder what Cameron will do to sort this mess out when he gets into power (assuming he does)  Does Cameron have Mrs T's guts? I have my doubts, but then again who knows, he caved in over Lisbon, he'll probably cave in over the public service unions.

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Andy said...

The 1970's? I hope we're not stuck in late 1960s flares for the whole of the next decade!