Saturday, September 26, 2009

Labour must expose the Tories? Expose what?

Labour must expose the Tories says Welsh Secretary Peter Hain.

Labour must expose the Tories, Welsh Secretary Peter Hain said on the eve of the party's last conference before the general election.

The Tories had been "given an easy ride by everybody," he said.

Mr Hain said: "We need to get off the back foot, we've been there for too long, and get on the front foot and start putting our policies forward and also start exposing the Tories.

"They've had such an easy ride from everybody, yet their policies would wreck the recovery that is now in sight because they would mount massive, swingeing, savage - in their words - public spending cuts."

These cuts would be the 10% as opposed to the 9.3% cuts then?

Bearing in mind that our glorious leader (caution sarcasm alert) could not even bring himself to say the word cuts until finally forced* too at the TUC conference and was banging on about Tory cuts as opposed to Labour investment......bit like no more boom and bust really.
Labours real problem of course is the credibility gap, no-one believes them, not even their own supporters. They've consistently lied and tried to spin things to their own advantage, they've been at the forefront of corruption, even inviting back into government the likes of Mandelson a byword for corruption if ever there was one. They've robbed us of centuries worth of freedom, enacted over 3000 laws to do it too. Virtually bankrupted the country left every taxpayer with a debt that will take decades to pay off, possibly generations. They promised in their manifesto a referendum of Lisbon and then turned round and said manifesto promises are not subject to legitimate expectations. They've even managed to lose their support in their heartlands, something as a person from the Northeast I'd never expected to live to see.

So, Labour can try and expose the Tories, but as the Tories have played their major cards close to their chest there's precious little to expose. Whereas everyone now can see Labours colours tied to their mast, incompetent and corrupt being amongst the kindest of epithets to be laid at their door.

So no matter what Labour do in the next few months, it wont be enough, it's reached the stage now where the Tories will win the next election by simply not being Labour, yet I suspect it will simply be business as usual. Hopefully though in the elections after that though some of the minority parties will grow to challenge the main contenders and then perhaps the people of England will get a government that will finally do them proud.

*Brown has trouble with the word England too, as many bloggers have noticed.

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Barking Spider said...

Hain is a fine one to talk about exposing anyone, QM. If memory serves, he was kicked out of the government for being a very naughty boy. He probably thinks we'll have forgotten by now - WRONG!