Saturday, September 5, 2009

Have I got news for you.

A marvellous fellow has put up almost all of HIGNFY on Youtube.

Omitted are episodes which the Beeb has released on DVD or tape, but the lion's share of the scores of episodes are up.
It's either marvellous, saving me from boredom, or evil, restraining me from doing anything worthwhile.

See for yourselves, people. If you have not seen it, then you really should, since you can enjoy the sensation of learning things while being amused. For instance, I just watched an episode from the very first series (1990) in which I discovered that Joe Biden stole one of Neil Kinnock's speeches pretty much word for word. I remember watching an episode with Boris in the chair and when Paul got a question right said "Er er well done give the man a coconut or whatever" which of course became all Paul wanted the whole episode, I watched it yesterday. In fact, it's the full extended 50 minute version with even more Boris! Oh, and everyone got a coconut at the end of it.

Well that's my nightshifts sorted for a while, I can have these running and monitor the system at the same time.

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James Higham said...

Brilliant - I'll check it our before youtube takes it down or takes away the sound or something equally ridiculous.