Monday, August 10, 2009

Bloody Cheek!

Sometimes those who benefit at England's expense seriously don't get it. Take this report from Ofcom, as reported in the Scottish Herald.

BBC and STV cut spending by 20% on programmes for Scottish viewers

Phil Miller

Published on 6 Aug 2009

SPENDING by the BBC and STV on programmes for viewers in Scotland fell by £13m last year, a report by the broadcasting industry regulator Ofcom has found.

The 20% fall in total spend occurred despite an increase in the percentage of money that the BBC is spending in Scotland for programmes that will be broadcast across the entire network – up from 3.3% to 3.7% of their total UK budget.

Culture Minister Michael Russell said he was “extremely disappointed” by the low level of expenditure on programmes for viewers in Scotland, and also by the low share of network programming made in Scotland.

Yet when you check what the report actually says is that £10.36 is spent on each person in Scotland by TV companies. The UK average is £4.99.

Yet they want more?

Bloody cheek!

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Goodnight Vienna said...

I read this article too and I couldn't work out how they managed to write it in such a way based on the figures given - to be honest I gave up trying to fathom the motives of the media a long time ago.