Friday, July 24, 2009

Who ate all the pride?

To be English, now there’s a thing, for over 300 years subsumed by Britishness and now beginning to flower anew and causing a major headache to those who like their solutions in a box.

Is it because we have had little practice at being proud Englishmen and women that some of us go completely over the top and veer into jingoism? Are we going to have to reinvent Englishness? I think we are, certainly amongst those who would purport to lead us.

There is still a general confusion in this land about just what we are, the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish don’t have a problem with this, but that’s because as minorities they weren’t expected to quite fit the mould into the mainstream anyway. Indeed when the English do show a bit of pride and act similarly to our close neighbours we are often derided for doing so by certain elements who can’t cope with national pride and equate it to imperialism/colonialism and seek to quash it by any means possible.

There’s a certain mindset that seeks out to remove all traces of pride from this land, a soldier with the word England tattooed on his arm is denied entry into the police force in case the tattoo offends. Parents are told not to fly the flag of St George or allow it on any part of their children’s clothing/equipment. The name of our country is an offence to some who actually live here! This is the magnitude of the problem we face; this is why Labour is obsessed with regions as English national pride is in almost diametric opposition to their so called socialist values. So they seek to break us up into smaller more manageable (and controllable) units hoping to set us at each others throats rather than being the nation they fear above all others.

We have a long and hard journey ahead of us, the forces of repression are entrenched in all of the civil sectors and many of them hate England with a passion despite being English themselves, they are the ones who after years of deriding Britishness and trying to have the Union flag banned, now seek to promote a sanitised version of it in a one size fits all for the people of England. It’s with the young that we have to start, get to them before the state does, instil pride in their green and pleasant land and get them to believe that to be English is something worth being proud about. We need English history to be taught as a mandatory subject in schools dropping citizenship and the rest of the politically correct crap that fills their curriculum. And yes that history needs to be warts and all, but we can emphasise the good in such figures as Wilberforce, as well as our military heroes in Nelson and Wellington.

Despite their attempts to set it up, I believe that many in the establishment realise “Britishness” is dead, hopefully we can prevent them attempting to kill off Englishness, but it’s going to be a hell of a fight.

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Michele said...

Well I am English - and intend to fight this battle. I have been disgusted with those who try to tell me that being proud of being English is tantamount to being racist.

welcome to the fight of our lives - but we will win.