Friday, February 24, 2012

Rubbing the taxpayers nose in it

 It was with utter joy that I read about benefit claimants getting a 5.2% increase to assist them with the "cost of living increases" caused by the current economic crisis, only apparently bankers and the higher echelons of public servants can expect such increases, most of us will have to make do with no increase at all.
The jobless will pocket a bumper benefits boost while hard-working families face pay freezes. Ministers agreed yesterday that taxpayers would fund an inflation-busting 5.2 per cent for the unemployed to protect them against the rising cost of living.
The welfare boost will come as a blow for millions of workers who are struggling to make ends meet on their current salary.

The rise is more than double the average pay increase of around 2.1 per cent which workers can expect and comes at an overall cost to the taxpayer of £6.6billion.
It means ministers will struggle to argue that work pays, coming on the same day councils announced more than one and a half million local government workers would see their pay frozen for a third year running.

Announcing the increase as part of a package of changes to pensions and social sec urity benefits, Lib Dem Pensions Minister Steve Webb said: “This gives real support to protect people against increases in prices.
“At a time when the nation’s finances are under severe pressure, this Government will be spending an extra £6.6billion in 2012-13 to ensure that people are protected against cost of living increases.”
 A pay increase? Well not quite, pay implies actually doing something in order to get paid, so when benefit claimants are to get a 5.2% pay rise, according to the Express, they aren't, they don't earn it, they are given it.
This entire increase welcome as it might be for some on benefits, is however a massive slap in the face for struggling taxpayers, particularly those in the private sector (the ones who actually help their companies make money) We've gone through the last 3 or so years without getting much in the way of any pay rises and yet we've watched the cost of food, fuel, energy and food go up far more than the proclaimed rate of inflation would have you believe. Hard earned holidays have had to be cancelled, treats for the kids abandoned as household budgets are frequently revised to cope with an increase in outgoings compared to static income. And yet we have some jumped up Lib Dem crowing to the MSM that “This gives real support to protect people against increases in prices" well you utter bastard matey, how does it protect me? You're giving my money to those who don't contribute, some of whom will never contribute, some of whom have no intentions of ever contributing! I could understand it if it was an increase in sickness and invalidity benefits, though I'd still like to make sure those getting it really are sick and invalided, but if you're so set upon making work pay, YOU DON'T GIVE THOSE NOT WORKING AN EASY RIDE BY GIVING THEM MORE MONEY!!!!!
Sorry, sorry this really has me pissed off...
I thought things might get a bit better when we got rid of those New Labour mongs, even though experience warned against it. I JUST DIDN'T EXPECT THIS CURRENT BUNCH OF CORRUPT MENDACIOUS SCUM TO MAKE THINGS WORSE!!!!
Fuck it, I need a drink...

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William said...

Sadly all politico's are the same. All that has changed is the current lot truly believe they are god whereas the last lot simply thought they were god.

Leg-iron said...

I wonder how it must feel to work in a benefits office, knowing that those signing on are getting an increase and you're not.

That must really sting.

Tigerrr said...

I'm an evil business owner, alas I didn't get a multi million pound bonus I got a pay CUT, as I have for the last 3 years.

As my business is in the transport sector the amount of money I give to the govt is eye watering, but I feel much better knowing that Wayne & Waynetta Slob will benefit.

As a life long tory voter I'm just astonished how shit this govt is.

Come the next election I want to vote UKIP but they haven't a chance so I'm taking the unusual step of voting labour. I think we need 4-5 more years of the lunatics running the asylum maybe then the real conservative party may emerge.

Anonymous said...

I'd spoil my vote before I'd be vote for Labour.

thespecialone said...

Another reason why I left the Tory party who are anything but conservative.